Actividades Día de la Paz 4ºDIV/3ºDIV

Hello guys!!!

Here you have the music video for one of the activities for "El día de la Paz". The song is "Where is the love" by Black eyed Peas.

What I propose you to do is to write here some good wishes (buenos deseos) for this day. For example, my wish is that "War between Israel and Palestina stops soon!".
Please, write here your good wishes (use the dictionary on the left) and leave comments with them.

Thank you guys!!!


2 comentarios:

Elena 3ºB dijo...

Very lovely the pop video of black eyed peas, this I like it very much the songs that you are putting jeje. Good-bye! :D

Elena dijo...

Hi Elena!

Thanks for your comments! U can't imagine how fast your English is improving! Thanks for all your comments!!! BYe!!