2º ESO(A,B,C,D)/3º ESO (A/DIV)


Today I'm goona show you a video from a good music band. They are "Simple Plan". I like their music a lot!;) I just want you to watch the video and leave me a comment saying what kind of music you like and why, you can also tell us about any group of singer.
If you don't understand it, you can use the dictionary on your left "Word reference" or you can ask using a comment.

For example: "Hi, my favourite music is rock/pop/ flamenco/etc. and I like it because you can dance it on Saturday nights!".

Hope you like the video and you can tell me if you want me to upload other videos!



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marga fernandez delgado dijo...

hello, my mame is Marga. I´m 16 years old. I live in Úbeda. My star sign is Piscis. My phone number is 63636363 my address is Zurbaran, 3. I love boys , party and dance